Beyond the quality of our products, Decon Labs has built a reputation on world-class service.  Below you will find contact information for technical service, customer service, sales, and other important contacts.

Customer Service
Decon’s customer service mission is to provide fast and efficient support. Our highly trained staff can answer your questions and provide the information you need to accomplish your objectives. When you call (800) 332-6647 between 8:30am and 4:30pm EST, you can connect to a person who will assist your needs. For a list of personnel with individual email addresses see details below.

Technical Service
Decon Labs has over four decades of experience in providing high-performance cleaning agents and disinfectants for critical applications in laboratories and process areas. Our expertise allows us to assist you in choosing the correct product in any application. In addition, Decon can answer your questions on the regulations and methodology required in clinical and research labs, and GMP Validated Process Areas.

Custom Formulation and Private-Labeling
If you require custom formulations or a private-labeled product, Decon Labs can assist you. Decon Labs provides a complete turn-key private-label service in which we manufacture, label, fill and package formulations for resale. Please call Tim Gordon at Decon Labs (800) 332-6647

Company Contacts
Peter Taylor, Chairman 

Jim Taylor, Co-CEO

Nic Taylor, Co-CEO

Tim Gordon, President  

John P. Seman, Accounting – Comptroller

Michael Dunne, Director of Marketing/International Sales

Adam Silverman, Eastern NorthAm Sales

Bill Locken, Western NorthAm Sales

Karen Wend, Quality/Technical Services Manager – Technical Support, Quality, Regulatory  

Stacy Penot, Customer Service

Email Orders

Accounting Inquiries